I’m Louis-Victor Morgaut

Co-founder of @Stapler

Ex @Happn @CreativeFeed

4th year student at Hetic

I am a _

Product designer

UX designer

Front developer

& Freelance

01/12 Happn

Here is my work a made when I was at Happn. My mission was to realise a management tool for the compagny worker and users. I also strart to create the new landing of the startup.

UX design
02/12 Thirty Dirty Thingers

Here is a group work for a Portfolio redesign of the agency Thirty Dirty Thingers. The purpose give a new modern image to the agency and to enlarge his visibility.

Webdesign UI UX
03/12 Tesla x Google

Here is my a work for a school project.
We were ask to redesign all Tesla dashboard from the car to the watch. We choose to do a colaboration with GOOGLE and his map to explore and relax by discovering the landscape available to us

UX design
04/12 Microsoft creative contest

Here is my work for a contest organized by Microsoft, Adobe and Fubiz. The purpose of this contest was to do an diptyque. I present this work and win to have the opportunity to be display in the French famous museum « La Gaieté Lyrique »


Here is my a work for a school project.
We were ask to do an website before the french election to help people discover all the candidate. We choose to create the website to compare all the candidate and to see them similarities.

Webdesign UI UX
06/12 Apple Music

Here is a motion design I have made in 2 days about the new Apple music app. This new algorithm help you to discover new song based on what you love

Motion design
07/12 Boucheron

Here is my a work for a Boucheron website redesign.
We were ask to rethinck the strategy, the user experience and the user interface of the great and luxuous brand Boucheron.

Webdesign UI UX
08/12 Guantanamera

Here is my work for a cuban restaurant.
I have done all of them brand identity. Their logo, theirs menus and theirs posters.

Brand identity
09/12 Her

Here is my work for a school project
it's a her movie poster inspired by Olly Moss

10/12 Rocket

Here is my work for a school project
it's an animation done with canvas and some JS

11/12 Air France

Here is my work for a school project
it's a redesign UI&UX

Webdesign UI UX
12/12 Keep it up

Here is my work for a school project
It's an cover of the Eric Legnini's new album inspired by reids miles


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